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May 2020 Meeting

To All Active Members,

               The May meeting of The Chesapeake Woodturners will be this coming Saturday morning, May 18th.  We will hold a virtual Zoom Conference meeting that will start at 9:30 AM.  You will receive a specific log-in code for the meeting and the meeting password in a email to members.

               We will begin with a short business meeting.  The main item on the agenda for the business meeting will be the election of club treasurer and club vice-president and program chairman.  Carroll Dudley, our current treasurer, and Lou Rudinski, our current VP/program chair will each be standing for re-election.  To date no other persons have expressed interest in being on the ballot for either of these positions.  So, barring the appearance of competing candidates, we will ask for a voice affirmation from those in attendance.

               We will have a Show and Tell after the election and other business items.  

               The demo for the meeting will follow Show and Tell.  This will be given by Craig Timmerman who is coming to us from his workshop in Austin, TX.  Craig will be demonstrating turning a Torus Vase.  I expect Craig’s presentation to begin around 10:30 AM.  Download the handout.

               We ask that all viewers of the demo make a “donation” of $5.00 to the club treasury to help offset Craig’s professional fee.  I am saying “donation” because you will receive the login code and password without any requirement that you pay in advance; so payment will be on an honor-system.  To facilitate this, and the collection of future fees, we have set up a club PayPal account that you will be able to access through the club’s website.  

You can use the Donate button below to make your donation now.